Managed Accounts

Managed accounts are portfolios designed for individuals to match their specific financial needs with portfolio objectives, and managed by professional investment managers. Often these accounts offer an avenue for individuals to access investment managers that are generally available only to institutional-level investors.
Managed account portfolios come in many different structures. Some are for conservative investors, some for more assertive investors and some for those in between. Some portfolios focus on tax managed investing and others on growth investing with less regard for tax consequences. Some portfolios are more focused on generating income and others on growth.
Portfolio holdings can consist of institutional class mutual funds, exchange traded funds or even individual securities.
Managed accounts typically assess quarterly fees to pay for the professional management of the funds.
The benefit to Managed accounts? They are highly diversified and professionally managed – so you can have more confidence because investment professionals are overseeing your portfolio.
Financial Professional located at your credit union can help you determine whether Managed Accounts are the right option for you.